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 Questions regarding motor policies




1. Will my no claims bonus will be affected after a claim?.


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2. Does my windscreen claim affects my no claim bonus?

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3. What is no claim discount?.

Your no claims discount, or 'bonus' as it is often called, is the amount of years you have held an insurance policy and not claimed on it. Based on the number of years you have been claims free your insurer will reduce your premium.

4. What is named driving experience?

Named driving experience works on the similar basis as no claims discount. If you are named as a driver on someone else’s policy you will earn a discount for your claims free years on that policy.

5. What is open driving?.

Open driving covers any driver aged 25-70 with a full Irish, UK or EU licence while driving your car with your permission. With open driving there is no need to add named drivers to your policy. Open driving is an optional extra and an additional charge will apply if you want to buy this cover. Terms and conditions apply

6. What is driving of other cars?

Driving other cars is a policy extension which lets you drive somebody else's car, that is not owned by you, hired or leased to you or a company car. This cover only applies to the policyholder not to the named drivers.

7. What is no claim discount protection?.

No claims discount protection is one of the benefits that you can add to your car or van insurance policy. With this cover if you make one claim in the insurance year your no claims bonus will not be affected. To add this cover you must have earned usualy at least 4 or 5 years no claims discount. NCD protection* is an optional cover and an additional charge will apply if you want to buy this cover.

8. What is comprehensive cover?

By taking out comprehensive cover, you are not only covered for third party claims after an incident, you are also covered for damage caused to your own vehicle. Your schedule will show the level of cover on your policy

9. I hold a provisional licence / learner permit. Am I allowed to drive on my own?

Unfortunately no, by law you are not allowed to drive on your own if you hold a provisional Irish licence or learner permit. For your own safety you must always be accompanied by a fully licenced driver, who has held their full licence for a minimum of 2 years.

10. I don't have a car registration. Can I still get a quote??

Yes you can still get a quote by selecting the vehicle make and model and this will produce an indicative price. However, it is only when we have a registration number that we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

11. I haven’t bought the car yet? Can I still get a quote?

Yes, you can still get a quote. However, it is only when you complete the purchase that you can insure the car in your own name

12. What should I do if I had an accident?


It’s not a nice thought, but car accidents happen and it’s important to know what to do if you’re caught up in one. When you have an accident, first of all you should go to a safe place. For example side of the road or the footpath. If somebody is injured, you should call an ambulance or try to get medical help. Try to take photos of the accident showing damage, registration numbers and location. If you have dash cam footage, that is also very helpful. You should ask the other party(s) name(s), address(es), insurance details, make, model and registration of the vehicles involved.