Private motor


Private Motor Insurance


Car insurance is compulsory. It is a criminal offence to drive without motor insurance.


There are three types of motor insurance.


·         Third party only cover


This is the minimum legal requirement and pays out for claims that other people make against you for damage or injury caused by your driving.


·         Third-party, fire and theft cover


In addition to third-party cover, you can claim for loss or damage to your own car as a result of fire or theft


·         Comprehensive cover


This gives you third-party fire and theft cover but also allows you to claim for damage to your own car. A number of additional benefits may also be provided :


·         Windscreen and glass cover


·         Cover for damaged or stolen personal belongings – this usually applies to items stolen from a locked boot or glove compartment.


·         Recovery service and emergency breakdown assistance


·         Replacement or hire car – the cost of this is covered if your own car is off the road as a result of an accident


·         Replacement lock cover, fire brigade charges


·         No-claims discount protection


·         Driver personal accident cover